Welcome to a world less ordinary.

Aisha Baker is a Dubai-based luxury jewelry brand with one powerful mission: to transport you to another realm.

The fruitful partnership with Hoonik Chang, a rising star jewelry designer, has resulted in a series of themed collections that take the wearer on a journey, from modern-day fairytales to decadent masquerade balls to glamorous holidays in the sun.

Aisha Baker’s pieces embody the power of their imagination. The pieces can be recognized by their unexpected compositions and the use of high-quality gemstones, as well as the vibrant colours that turn every design into a statement. Each piece is bursting with narrative power, telling evocative stories of dewy wildflower meadows and fairytale princesses on epic journeys. Three-dimensional pieces that are full of surprises and lucky charms filled with symbolism are all part of Aisha Baker’s enchanting world – a place of endless imagination and staggering beauty.

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